Innovate Grant Receipt - (Oct. 2021)

DEN BK Studios - Artist Series (Sept. 2021)

"Artist Joe Rovegno showcases his tactile collection of images that serve as a diary of documentation. His approach to photography is grounded in a physical production of the images, he prints fibre black and white prints in his home darkroom then soon after starts ripping, sewing and sometimes zippering images together to create an assemblage of scenes. This action of breaking the work down and rebuilding it into something new has allowed Joe to work in a larger scale, pasting images together to create large scale prints that can often be seen on the walls of or in several international gallery shows..."

Title Magazine Feature - (Feb. 2021)

Bleu Magazine - Between Madness Exhibition (Oct. 2020)

Populist Magazine - Between Madness Book (Sept. 2020)

Uncertain Mag - Moments In Between Madness (May 2020)

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